Heather G., San Francisco

“I worked with Green Home Construction on a major remodel of my house in San Francisco and was absolutely thrilled with the process and results. Our remodel involved:

  • Kitchen remodel (to the studs)
  • 1 bathroom remodeled in place
  • 1 bathroom significantly renovated (moved walls, plumbing, lighting, etc)
  • Added a half bath
  • Added a master bedroom (within existing footprint of home)

When I initially spoke to John about the project and timeline, he was the only contractor who spoke seriously to me about the challenges that my timeline might present. Which meant to me that he was the only one who actually took my timing requirements seriously. His bid was not the lowest, but it was not the highest either. I was pleased with the realistic approach he took to bidding the job and that he cautioned against potential surprises that might increase costs along the way. In other words, he wasn't trying to low-ball to get the job. That and his obvious expertise and overall friendliness got him the job.

From that moment on, I never once regretted my decision to hire Green Home Construction. As with all major renovations, we hit some speed bumps along the way, and the whole time John did everything he could to keep to the timeline and not dramatically increase the budget. All of his guys are very skilled/knowledgeable and just generally good guys.

I would work with Green Home Construction again in a heartbeat and as a real estate agent, I am happy to recommend them to my clients.”

Helen K., San Francisco

“My husband and I purchased our third floor condo built by Green Home Construction and we’ve unabashedly enjoyed calling it home ever since. Having been here for over a year now, we’ve seen firsthand the level of workmanship that went into building it, inside and out. Not only does it have nice curb appeal off a busy street, but since the building was rebuilt from its foundation I know that numerous thoughtful elements were incorporated into the construction that we are so glad to have today.

Everything from the floors, windows, fixtures and appliances are of the highest quality, and I know Green Home put careful consideration and detail into energy-saving and environmentally-friendly elements including putting solar panels on the rooftop, using recycled building materials when available, and installing all energy efficient appliances. As homeowners, we are so grateful to live in a home that was built right from a personal taste and environmental awareness standpoint.

We had the privilege to meet John from Green Home and he’s as nice and enjoyable a person as you can get to know and work with. Can’t recommend Green Home highly enough for any construction or remodeling project.”

Friday W., San Francisco

“It’s rare that you find a contractor that you love at the end of a project as much (or more) as you did at the beginning. We worked with John Fannon and the team from Green Home Construction for nine weeks. The three words that best describe John and his team are; professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Not the same can be said of all contractors and that's why after seven months and two other contractors we couldn't have been happier to meet John.

From the onset John has been a true professional. He began the process by asking us about our projects and what we wanted to accomplish. After listening to our goals, John was quick to point out ways to make things more efficient as well as point out areas that could potentially bring up other issues. Both of these are key to set expectation prior to the beginning of the project. Along with that, John gave us insights on some best practices when renovating the kitchen and tips on what would help the long-term investment in the updating.

After our first meeting John provided us with a detailed contract that included specific tasks, estimated timing, potential allowances and a payment schedule. Throughout the process John stayed on schedule leaving us without any surprises.

Throughout the project John kept us informed and updated with every aspect of the job. His communication skills are great (again not a trait often found in contractors), and combined with his attention to detail meant that we were constantly in touch. He has been extremely responsive to our numerous questions. He never left us in the dark about anything, and was forthcoming with any changes and/or recommendations that arose; even if it was only the difference of $100 he would not proceed without making sure we understood the situation and approved of the spend.

John also recommended some great third-party vendors for flooring, tiling and lighting... all of which we used and would without a doubt recommend to anyone.

As our project came to a close you can see the attention to detail that John and his team bring to every aspect of the job. They have truly transformed our kitchen giving us a final product that was greater then our vision.

It’s rare that you find a contractor that you love at the end of a project as much (or more) as you did at the beginning. John and his team are a true pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for not just a great finished product but a pleasant and flawless process to go with it.”